How Alone Time Can Help Save Your Marriage

How Alone Time Can Help Save Your MarriageDo you remember the beginning of your marriage when you couldn’t wait to get off work and finish all your chores so you could see each other?

That’s the power of being apart.

Then, when you get together you don’t want silly issues to infect the time you have together so you both try a little harder and are on a little bit better behavior.

If that sounds superficial to you, you couldn’t be more wrong.

There is power in being apart, not just for your relationship together, but for your own mental health and well being. Continue reading…


Healing Your Marriage When Your Heart Is Broken

healing your marriageAs you go through the feelings associated with infidelity, anger, sadness and an absolutely broken heart, it can be hard to imagine ever feeling normal again.

Much less actually saving your marriage and healing it to the point where you feel good about it again. The pain is so deep it feels irreparable.

It’s natural to guard your heart after an experience like that. When you get hurt, you tend to put up blocks to help avoid it happening again. Continue reading…


An Exercise to Save Your Marriage

save your marriage

Saving your marriage after infidelity can be done. But, you both need to be on the same page before you can do it. Plus, you have to be in the right frame of mind to proceed, especially if you were the one who was wronged. You’re the one who is going to have the most hurt and anger. You are the one who may feel as if your trust is destroyed and your heart is broken. But, there are ways to work through the issues at hand. Continue reading…


Yes, You Can Save Your Marriage!

relationship quote imageThe fact is, all marriages go through difficult times. It’s how each party sees these difficult times that helps them either stay together or get a divorce.

If you want to stay together you need to know what people do to essentially press the restart button to refresh their marriage.

One thing to educate yourself about is the marriage cycle or the stages of marriage. Continue reading…