How to Catch a Cheating Partner Without Driving Yourself Crazy

catch a cheating partner1 How to Catch a Cheating Partner Without Driving Yourself CrazyIt can be really awful to suspect that your spouse is cheating, but you cannot prove it. Some cheating spouses will actually deflect and tell you that you’re crazy and any number of things to detract from what they are doing. Thinking your spouse is cheating, but not being able to prove it can cause just as many problems as knowing for sure.

Therefore, it’s important that if you really think your spouse is cheating to know how to figure it out without driving yourself crazy. Catching a cheating spouse can provide the point of no return in your marriage so that you can confront the situation and move on or find a way to make your marriage work. Continue reading…


How NOT To Catch a Cheating Partner

catch a cheating partner How NOT To Catch a Cheating PartnerIf you are one of thousands of spouses who suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you probably have a high level of emotion going through your mind and heart at any given moment of the day.

You try to work and the thoughts cross your mind, you try to fix dinner and horrible invasive thoughts come up, and you try to live your life with your spouse as if everything is normal but you know it’s not, you just don’t have the right proof to validate your feelings.

So, you go through the motions of life without actually loving anything about it due to that horrible feeling that rises when you least expect it. Continue reading…


Positive Affirmations For Forgiveness

Positive Affirmations For Forgiveness1 Positive Affirmations For Forgiveness

They say there’s a wonderful release that comes from forgiveness-it’s described as a release from toxicity, a freedom from the imprisonment that anger creates in our lives. After all, when we harbor negative thoughts it’s only a matter of time that those thoughts creep into every moment, every interaction, every thought we have…until negativity takes over our lives completely.

So we’re taught from childhood that forgiving others is the only way to move on when you’ve been hurt. Continue reading…


How to Deal With Your Husband’s Emotional Affair

husband emotional affair1 How to Deal With Your Husbands Emotional Affair

Just because your spouse didn’t have sex with someone doesn’t mean their affair isn’t just as painful. There are many kinds of affairs, and in some ways an emotional affair can be even worse than a sexual dalliance because the emotions that you share with someone you love are often even more important than the physical connection that people having “just” sex experience.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your husband’s emotional affair isn’t just as painful and hard to deal with as someone’s physical affair. The point is your spouse still shared things with someone else that was supposed to be reserved only for the special relationship between a husband and a wife. Continue reading…