Help Dealing With Infidelity: What to do About Post Infidelity Triggers

Whether you were cheated on, or you did the cheating, if you’re going to stay together you will both need help dealing with infidelity and to learn how to deal with post-affair triggers. Triggers are situations that cause emotional feelings and memories to flood back to the victim. Both the victim of infidelity and the perpetrator can help to control and get through triggering events if you’re both prepared that they will happen and what to do to avoid them and work through them. Continue reading…


Why is Infidelity so Hard to Deal With?

infidelity quotes Junot Diaz sml1 Why is Infidelity so Hard to Deal With?

In the aftermath of an affair, there are so many thoughts and feelings that process through your mind over an over again. Infidelity is perhaps one of the most common reasons that couples separate or divorce. Often, many couples are not willing or even equipped to pull through the heart-wrenching process of recovering from such a hit to the relationship.

But why is infidelity so hard to deal with? One would think that with such high statistics (it is said that 60% of men and 40% of women have extramarital affairs), that everyone would expect or be used to infidelity. Yet when it happens, you are so floored that it can be hard to think of anything else, much less steel yourself to move past it.

What is it about infidelity that tears everything apart? Continue reading…


Top Books to Help Deal With Infidelity

Ten Books That Can Help You Move From Pain To Recovery

The best way to get a comprehensive understanding of the complex reasons for affairs is to learn as much as possible about the whole subject of affairs. Reading lots of good books by respected experts in the field can help.

When you’re struggling with the emotional turmoil of your spouse’s affair, I encourage you to read. And read a lot. That’s because your emotions are so strong that it’s very difficult to think clearly or make rational decisions as to how to deal with the situation.

Reading to get more understanding of affairs can help recovery. Continue reading…


The Harsh Realities of Dealing With Cheating in a Relationship

cheating in a relationship1 The Harsh Realities of Dealing With Cheating in a RelationshipA committed relationship, whether you are in a legal married relationship or otherwise, is a sacred vow between yourself and another person.

This other person, your spouse, is someone that you are supposed to be able to love and trust without fear.

When there is cheating in a relationship, it hurts more than just the relationship itself.

It can hurt you both as individuals, and also your outlook on the world and relationships as a whole.

When it comes to dealing with infidelity, there are many harsh realities that you have to face.

Knowing what you are dealing with can often take some of the shock and pressure out of dealing with cheating. Continue reading…


Obsessed With Comparing Yourself to The Other Woman? Six Reasons Why it is Time to Stop

542849342dc61 other woman Obsessed With Comparing Yourself to The Other Woman? Six Reasons Why it is Time to StopAmongst the wreckage and aftermath of an affair, there are many processes that many women like yourself go through before they are able to reach a place of healing.

One of these processes is an unfortunate phase of uncertainty and dangerously low self-esteem.

During this phase, many women begin to compare themselves to the other woman. They think about the other woman almost as much, if not more, than their adulterous husband.

Is she prettier than me? Was she better in bed? Did she make him happier than I do? Is she thinner/taller/fitter/sexier than I am? Continue reading…